Jiří Markvart

Idea Maker
Conceptual Copywriter
Creative Strategist

call it whatever you want

This is Jiří

Dec 2020 – Now
Story TLRS
Content Director

Oct 2019 – Mar 2020
Senior Content Marketing Consultant

Jun 2014 – Sep 2019
Senior Idea Maker & Copywriter

May 2012 – Apr 2017
Mezipatra Queer Film Festival
New Media Coordinator

Sep 2013 – Jun 2014
Loosers Prague

I am both a content advertising professional with a problem-solving fetish and a grown up child. I’m capable of working solo or in teams and I always try to help people around to do their best. Also I'm a quite skillful Czech copywriter.

After I’m done with work I love to play board or video games, travel around and visit the most theme parks I can.


I’m one of the key people when it comes to Czech and Slovak McDonald’s social media advertising. This means that I achieved most of my successes doing burger ads in Bubble content agency.

Let's take a look.

McDonald's Social Media

The best way to erase hatred is to support love.

I developed most of the McDonald’s social media content strategy in Czechia and Slovakia and I’m responsible for more than 20 digital campaigns for the brand. I also wrote over 1,000 McDonald’s posts on Facebook and Instagram since 2016. Thanks to them and other activities McDonald’s was able to increase the brand love and lower the power of its haters.

McDonald’s social media case study
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Also, I was in charge of the launch of the Czech and Slovak McDonald's YouTube channel and I was leading it during the first half a year of its existence. With the new content published regularly we managed to get almost 30.000 new subscribers during the first 6 months, several millions of views and almost 90% positive feedback.

Breakfast digests

Breakfast isn’t the first thing of the day. Social media is.

In order to support sales of the breakfast menu in McDonald’s we launched a campaign which consists of Facebook and Instagram morning video digest for young people. In a very playful and enjoyable way, we provided people with essential information, funny stories and some breakfast tips, obviously. I was responsible for the concept of the campaign alongside with most of the digest scripts.

McDonald’s breakfast digest (CZ only)
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Using formats people know makes them buy something they see for the first time.

To support ATL campaign for the Clubhouse burger which says „We made the salad to perfection“ I created both the concept and the script of the Tasty-like cooking video supporting the idea and saying that one can’t make a better salad than McDonald’s can. I also starred in a commercial for the first time in my life!

McDonald’s Clubhouse promo (CZ only)

McDonald’s on Giphy

Everything based on insight works just like a magic.

In Bubble, my colleagues and I created 128 insight based gifs for the McDonald’s community management and for users to play with. Alongside of increasing the brand love, we established the most popular McDonald’s Giphy profile worldwide with 150 millions organic (!) views and also some unpaid mentions on Buzzfeed and other media.

Visit McDonald’s Giphy page
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Big Mac 50

When advertising something familiar, unfamiliar way is the only right one.

There was no McDonald’s in Czechoslovakia when Big Mac was first introduced in 1968. So for Big Mac’s 50th worldwide anniversary I developed a concept of delayed premiere of the burger in Czechoslovakia. We held an “socialistic” live event, created social media content and also a historical mockumentary on Big Mac’s grand premiere. I was responsible for the strategy and social media content. I also wrote and directed the mockumentary.

McDonald’s Big Mac mockumentary (CZ only)

Burger Master

When talking to people, talking to them the way they are used to is always a good idea.

McDonald’s wanted to let one of its fans make their very own burger to be sold in restaurants all over Czechia and Slovakia. And we in Bubble came up with the first messenger-like “job interview” to determine the most suitable burger creator. More than 7,500 fans entered the competition but only six of them were qualified for the live final contest. And one of them – Luky – made it to the finale and created his very own burger – Luky Cheese. I was responsible for the campaign idea, “job interview” game mechanism and copywriting.

McDonald’s Burger Master event video report
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But there's more!

McDonald’s means a lot for my career, however, there is some other stuff I am responsible for.

Philips Sonicare

2 minutes is enough to brush your teeth, amaze yourself and even discover the benefits of sonic technology: In order to increase awareness of World Oral Health Day and support Philips Sonicare sales I and my colleagues created a playful campaign to make people care about their oral health – an Instagram Stories soap opera called The Smiles of Our Lives. Every episode took just 2 minutes – just enough to watch during brushing your teeth. Agency: Bubble

Learn more on Marketing Salen Media (CZ only).

Pražská buzna

I wrote a blog called “The Prague Fag” and a quite popular queer book based on it and sold over 3,000 copies (⅓ of what is considered to be a bestseller in Czechia) without any need of a publisher. The first issue of the book was financed only using crowdfunding. This is not a regular advertising job but since I was able to publish and advertise it all by myself, I find it quite cool.

Presenting and lecturing

I’m not shy and I improve my speaking skills every single day. Since I started my career at advertising I achieved to be part of hundreds of client meetings and held dozens of lectures and speeches. Both in Czech and English.

And now: Logos!

Clients and projects…

That's it!

… but there's always a bit more.